It’s Personal

The Birth of the Newborn Coalition.

Co-founded by the mother of a baby diagnosed a 40 hours old with congenital heart disease, the Newborn Coalition began to shape in 2009, when several experts in the pediatric health realm cultivated common ground among a wide range of stakeholders invested in the health, quality care and wellness of pediatric patients – specifically newborns.  Today, the Newborn Coalition and Newborn Caucus are making a national imprint that will improve understanding of newborn health and risk factors while helping drive policies that enhance educational outreach, improve outcomes, access to quality care, and craft sustainable, scalable, technology-based practices benefiting newborns.

The Newborn Coalition includes lawmakers, health industry representatives, governmental agencies, non-profits, educators and child advocates committed to shaping policies and advancing a federal agenda that promotes education, health care innovation and excellence, early identification/prevention, rural telehealth, research and emerging technology to improve outcomes for newborns.