Engage People

Improve Outcomes.

The Newborn Coalition’s advisory board and leadership have spent thousands of hours in hearings, committees and providing testimony to advance health policy for babies and young children.  With the help of our members, parent advocates and healthcare experts, the coalition stands ready to provide context and continuity in the push for newborn health policies and programs.  The organization will be a campaign conduit – providing learning opportunities not just for members, but a platform for scalable, adoptable educational outreach to serve the newborns and their families.

If we do this:

  • Create national imprint
  • Enhance health care delivery and health IT impact on newborns & families
  • Promote public education, innovation, technologies to enhance prevention, early detection
  • Advocate and shape policies to positively impact newborns & families
  • Engage families touched by newborn health and wellness issues

We can expect this:

  • Improve understanding of newborn health risk factors
  • Increase access to quality newborn health resources and springboard to improved continuums
  • Enhance awareness, knowledge, skills and decisions
  • Early diagnosis & treatment for improved outcomes (and human and fiscal savings)
  • Improved datasets for collaborative research & innovation
  • Sustainability for public health activities and initiatives